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1: Se Det I ějnene[Censored] [08:00] MP3

Composed by Else Marie Pade 1970.
Narrated by Peter Steen. Text by Orla Bundgaard Poulsen.

The composition is censored by the Danish Dacapo label, that orginally released it. Thoughout the piece a voice is repeated saying 'Hitler er ikke død' ('Hitler is not dead') The original piece ends by the voice saying 'Han lever videre i Nixon' ('He lives on in Nixon') - a reference to the Vietnam war. On the Dacapo CD release, the ending is simply removed.

Extra: Interview with Else Marie Pade by Kirsten Sterling and Anders Monrad 2005.
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Else Marie Pade - Se Det I ějnene [Censored] - EP [BIN DATA 00-10] Digital release 2007