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BIN 00 -XX
Batch Totem Allokeret & Kronologisk |Floppy disk, wav [BIN 00-xx] 2010

1,44MB Floppy Disk. Available in red, green, blue or yellow. Contains a GIF and a RTF file.

Audio construction:
Each stereo audiofile consists of 24 seconds of white noise. The files were converted into the Microsoft Windows formats,
CCITT-Alaw and Microsoft ADPCM, with a sampling rate of 5HZ. The extremely low sampling rate allow only frequencies
half the sampling rate to be heard. As the content is infrasonic no sound should be heard.
However, playing back the files with the compatible software, a sucession of audible clicks can be heard.

The software translates the transition from a zero DC postion to a given sample point. This playback 'error' create
complex rythems derived from the random nature of the pure white noise content. The audio will appear to be repeating
itself over and over, but it in fact constantly changing randomly. In addition to this, the very low sampling rates results
in a time-scaling of the audio.
Each 24 second file is scaled up to 24 hours, resulting in a total of 48 hours of playing time.

Audio constructed 2008.



1 Allokeret & Kronologisk (5 HZ 16-BIT) [CCITT A-law] 24:00:00
2 Allokeret & Kronologisk (5 HZ 4-BIT) [Microsoft ADPCM] 24:00:00

Compatible with the following software: Windows: Windows Media Player 9.00.3354 Mac OSX: Express Scribe 4.01    

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