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BIN 00 -23
Jonas Olesen: TEST | LP [BIN 00-23] 2015

This record features source material, taken from a number of historical test records, and phychoacoustical
demonstration recordings. Additional parts generated with a LEADER LFG-1300S analogue Function Generator,
and processed by an Phillips ISP 5021 Sound Enhancer. Simulated tinnitus sounds derived from
The British Tinnitus Association. Vibraphone recordings used by permission from the Electronic Music Studios,
University of Iowa, USA. Psychoacoustic demonstration signals used by permission by Professor Emeritus
Perry R. Cook, Princeton University / MIT Press.

Audio constructed & compiled by Jonas Olesen 2014-2015.

A7 and B12 are image to audio tracks, and contain text in audio format.
Limited edition of 300 copies. 180 Gram vinyl. Release: Nov. 1 2015.


A1 Shepard Tonal Paradox [Ascending + Descending]
A2 Total Phase Check [Wahnsinn]
A3 Beat Tone Stimuli [Object Counting]
A4 Resonant Clock [60 Seconds]
A5 Sine Wave Sweep [Simuleret Romantik]
A6 Left > Right Signal [Locked Groove]
A7 Disclaimer [Audio To Text]
B1 Room Exciter [Acoustic Metronome, 4 Combined Tempos]
Noise Colours [Repeated]
B2 White
B2 Pink
B2 Blue [Azur]
B2 Violet
B2 Brown
B2 Grey
Basic Waveforms
B3 Sine Wave [300HZ]
B3 Inverted Sine [300HZ]

B3 Triangle [300HZ]
B3 Saw [300HZ]
B3 Square [300HZ]
B4 Sweet Metro [Synthetic Formant Enhancement]
B5 Resolution Of The Human Brain [0-20HZ]
B6 Simulated Tinnitus [Layered]
B7 Acoustic Perfume [Composite]
Miscellaneous Signals
B8 Quindar Tones [Transmission Start/Stop]
B8 1000 Cycles [TV Testcard,Pilot Tone, Et Cetera]
B8 Musician's A [440HZ]
B8 SMPTE Code [25 FPS]
B8 DIN Sync [125 BPM]
B9 Rorschach Test [LPC Coefficient Resynthesis]
B10 Disclaimer [Spectral Encryption]
B11 Disclaimer [Morse Code]
B12 Strobe Patterns [50HZ, 60HZ]

Review excerpts:

(...) kompositionerne er baseret fortrinsvis på gamle testplader. Altså den slags som gør brug af forskellige lyde såsom støj eller sinustoner til at indstille lydanlægget med. TEST er en sært hypnotisk plade. En nøgtern afsøgning af uventet skønhed. Poesien i brugslyde bliver afdækket. En fornemmelse af logik og matematik, der bliver til kunst.
Ralf Christensen, Dagbladet Information

Test succeeded!
Frans De Waard, Vital Weekly

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