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BIN 00 -25
Jonas Olesen & Rune Søchting – FELT [BIN 00-25] LP 2016

180 G vinyl in mirrorfoil cover. Limited edition of 300 copies.



The album FELT is the result of a joint effort of the composers and artists Rune Søchting and Jonas Olesen.
In their collaborative work they have explored the sonic potential of electromechanic movements, resonance
and different modes of transmission of sound. This work has been presented at a number of concerts and can now
be experienced on the vinyl release FELT. In their artistic investigation they have focused on the unpredictable effects
that emerges in unstable systems. Their work have integrated unconventional objects and electroacoustic processes
such as transducers mounted on glass, worn-out microphones, small devices such as bells, clocks etc.

The various elements have been mounted and connected in often fragile structures through an ad-hoc approach.
The unique and temporary structures have proven to exhibit often surprising sonic qualities that have been picked up
by various types of microphones and coils. The resulting sonic imprints of the tiny movements and fluctuations have then
been dramatically amplified and subsequently channeled through other objects that have served as acoustic and strange
resonant “containers”.

Overall, the sonic material on the album FELT unfolds in a dynamic between something fundamentally
alien while at the same time being remarkably organic and tangible. What is presented is a strange sonic field that the listener
is invited to explore. While a general characteristic of the quality of the material is of something ephemeral and the unstable
the resulting state is one of sustained tension, a bit like a spinning top that has lost speed but maintains its movement,
but in any moment can tilt and fall.

Press release text by Rune Søchting.

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