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~Niklas Adam: A3&B| 12" [BIN 00-28]

Track list:

A: A3
B: &B

Side A Feat. Danielle Dahl. Recorded at Absorbent Templet. Side B Feat. Benjamin Lesak. Recorded at Gl. Harlev Salmecykel Opbevaring. Composed by Niklas Adam.

A3 is an improvised piece for baritone- and alto saxophone, that explores minimal gestures, on a background of near silence.

&B is a drone piece for two players, playing an antique harmonium, creating an atmosphere between calm and intense depending on playback volume.

Among numerous small run releases A3&B is the debut LP release by Niklas Adam. Recorded and mixed in the summer and fall of 2009 in East Jutland. A3&B represents a change in Adam’s early practice with electronic music, which during 2008 was intervened by a focus on near-static and reductionistic acoustic music. In addition to exploring the two sided format of the vinyl, A3&B investigates emptiness, perception of time and focus fatigue as primary compositional elements. Favoring the progress of occurrences and textural over tonal development A3&B is equal active environment and static object.

Niklas Adam works with performance- and installation art in addition to music. Runs the shared studio space ILS FYKSI, producing music for himself and others. Adam has been active in the improvised music scene for several years, touring and working in Europe, Japan, Russia and the US. He has collaborated with Mattin, Toshimaru Nakamura, Jim Denley and Anders Vestergaard among others, and is a part of the Norwegian artist group Verdensteatret, in which he works with sound, programming and electronics. Adam also forms part of the trio Tigers Mind.

Original release 2010. Reissue 2016. BIN [BIN 00-28] | Ltd. Edition of 80 copies. |

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~Jonas Olesen: Objekt #3| LP [BIN 00-27]


12"  A Untitled
10"  A2 Untitled
7"    A3 Untitled

Objekt #3 is the third installment in a series of vinyl objects, where several vinyl sizes are glued together, forming an audible staricase
and, at the same time, a visual object. Where a new vinyl size begins, the pickup arm will stop and begin to loop,
and thus requires an action from the listener to advance to the next track.

Consists of a 12" glued to a 10", glued to a 7".
Limited edition of 25 copies. Playable at all speeds.

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~Nicole Cecilie Bitsch Pedersen: LEAK Project. | LP [BIN 00-24]


All sounds derived from a KORG Polysix analogue synthesizer. Comes in black paper cover.
Limited edition of 200 copies.

Track list:

A1 Leak Project No. 1
A2 Leak Project No. 2
B1 Leak Project No. 3
B2 Leak Project No. 4

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~Jonas Olesen: TEST| LP [BIN 00-23]

Audio constructed & compiled by Jonas Olesen 2014-2015.

This record features source material, taken from a number of historical test records, and phychoacoustical demonstration recordings.
Additional parts generated with a LEADER LFG-1300S analogue Function Generator, and processed by an Phillips ISP 5021 Sound Enhancer.
Simulated tinnitus sounds derived from The British Tinnitus Association.
Vibraphone recordings used by permission from the Electronic Music Studios, University of Iowa, USA.
Psychoacoustic demonstration signals used by permission by Professor Emeritus Perry R. Cook, Princeton University / MIT Press.

A7 and B12 are image to audio tracks, and contain text in audio format. Limited edition of 300 copies. 180 Gram vinyl.
Release: Nov. 1 2015.


A1 Shepard Tonal Paradox [Ascending + Descending]
A2 Total Phase Check [Wahnsinn]
A3 Beat Tone Stimuli [Object Counting]
A4 Resonant Clock [60 Seconds]
A5 Sine Wave Sweep [Simuleret Romantik]
A6 Left > Right Signal [Locked Groove]
A7 Disclaimer [Audio To Text]
B1 Room Exciter [Acoustic Metronome, 4 Combined Tempos]
Noise Colours [Repeated]
B2 White
B2 Pink
B2 Blue [Azur]
B2 Violet
B2 Brown
B2 Grey
Basic Waveforms
B3 Sine Wave [300HZ]
B3 Inverted Sine [300HZ]
B3 Triangle [300HZ]
B3 Saw [300HZ]
B3 Square [300HZ]
B4 Sweet Metro [Synthetic Formant Enhancement]
B5 Resolution Of The Human Brain [0-20HZ]
B6 Simulated Tinnitus [Layered]
B7 Acoustic Perfume [Composite]
Miscellaneous Signals
B8 Quindar Tones [Transmission Start/Stop]
B8 1000 Cycles [TV Testcard,Pilot Tone, Et Cetera]
B8 Musician's A [440HZ]
B8 SMPTE Code [25 FPS]
B8 DIN Sync [125 BPM]
B9 Rorschach Test [LPC Coefficient Resynthesis]
B10 Disclaimer [Spectral Encryption]
B11 Disclaimer [Morse Code]
B12 Strobe Patterns [50HZ, 60HZ]

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Vital weekly [ Source ]


It's been ages since I reviewed music by Jonas Olesen, when he called himself Hector
Rottweiler. These days he is occupied with the Nordic Sound Art label and also his solo
work. Some of his releases may look like a record, but they are also art objects and in
some cases playback might not be easy. For his new record Olesen uses a "number of
historical test records, and psycho-acoustical demonstration recordings", and plays around
with these sounds, adding additional sounds from "a LEADER LFG-1300S analogue Function
Generator, and processed by an Phillips ISP 5021 Sound Enhancer", as well as 'simulated
tinnitus sounds', 'psychoacoustic demonstration signals' and 'vibraphone recordings' -
the latter being an instrument, I believe. Actually that was a silly joke on my part.
The music that Olesen creates with these sounds is quite interesting. He may have shaped
the whole thing to look like a test record, including interesting descriptions of the
pieces, it also sounds very good, in a highly musical way. The static and dry sine wave
like sounds are looped melted and collated and thus new music is created. Sometimes quite
noise based as one could expect from music made with sine waves, but when Olesen uses the
collage form things turn out to be quite good. There is a lovely drone piece of ascending
and descending tones called 'Shepard Tonal Paradox', static hum pieces, crackles but
also spoken word, such as checking the stereo spectrum, which makes it almost sound
poetry. The whole package had something very 'art' like but luckily enough it is also
quite playful, which is the greatest thing about it. It takes the format of a 'test
record' and something is done with it, and that something is most enjoyable to listen
to: what more could you possibly want? Test succeeded! (FdW)


Release reception pictures:

~Sandra Boss – Perfekt Termisk | LP [BIN 00-22]

Release: May 2015.


A1 Akkromatisk Legeme
A2 Signalflag B
A3 Magnetiske Punkter
B1 Perfekt Termisk
B2 Rest Af Opponent 1
B3 Rest Af Opponent 2
B4 Kontakt

The sound material on this record is made with recordings of internal sounds found in obsolete media, and sound generators.
Sound sources: Revox B77 MK II reel to reel recorder, Beocord 200 Deluxe reel to reel recorder,, SONY TC.-155,
Tandberg 7B, B & O RC osciallator, Leader LFG function generator, metronome, electromagnetic microphones.

Composed by Sandra Boss 2013-2015.
Limited edition of 300 copies.
More info at

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~ Jonas Olesen – Piece For Corroded Digital Audio Tape | DAT 2013 | [BIN 00-20]


1: Piece For Corroded Digital Audio Tape 15:00
Audio constructed with analogue Function Generator, and Panasonic SV 3800 DAT Recorder.
BASF 15 minutes master tape, physically altered.

Limited edition of 25 copies. Sold out.

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~ Batch Totem – ZX DATA | Cassette, Mono, Limited Edition 2013 [BIN 00-19]



Limited edition of original cassette tapes, containing software for the Sinclair Spectrum ZX computer.

Edition of 15 - each cassette contains unique data. Comes in white cardboard sleeve.
To be used with the Spectrum computer or to be played as audio. Sold out.

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~ Jonas Olesen – Objekt *2 | 12" + 10" + 7" Single-sided Vinyl 2013 | [BIN 00-17]


12"  A Untitled
10"  A2 Untitled
7"    A3 Untitled

Consists of a 12" glued to a 10", glued to a 7".
Limited edition of 15 copies. Playable at all speeds.

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~ Jonas Olesen – Objekt *1 | 7" Vinyl 2013 | [BIN 00-16]

Hand etched, grooveless record. Unique type-written inner label.


A: Untitled
B: Untitled

Adjust turntable weight and anti-skating to play back.
Dedicated to Thomas Brinkmann. Edition of 25 unique copies.

Playable at all speeds.

This record features no recorded audio and no grooves, but engraved patterns,
that generate rhytems, looped when the instriction are followed.

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~ No Artist – Modfase* - No. 1 [7" Vinyl, 45 RPM, Limited Edition, White Label, stamped 2013 ] [BIN 00-15]


A Untitled
B1 Untitled
B2 Untitled
B3 Untitled

Consists of three 7 inch records glued together - comes in a white paper envelope.
Inner label stamped 'RAVERS START YOUR ENGINES'. Limited edition of 15 copies.
Heavy weight vinyl!

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~ No Artist – Skandinavisk & Maskeret [2 × 7" Vinyl 2012] [BIN 00-14]



A: Overlejring (udsvćvende)
B: Aftastning (medial)
C: Indhyldning (elektrofoni)
D: Modfase (hypnotisk)

Comes in folded cardboard cover.
Limited edition of 100 copies. Sold out.
Audio montage by Jonas Olesen.

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.~ MH - Ritual [ 12" Vinyl 2011 + BIN 00-13 / ! 2013 ] [BIN 00-13]


Limited Edition, Promo Partly reissue of the 1983 release Ritual
Limited edtion of 10 copies.

Consists of two records, glued together. Identical content on each side.


A: Ritual
B: Ritual

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~ µo - .appnd [10" Vinyl 2010] [BIN 00-12]

Composed By Jonas Olesen & Morten Riis 2007-2010.


A1 .appnd Symmetrisk
A2 .appnd Kombinat
A3 .appnd ^ Glow
B1 .appnd Sne DIV
B2 .appnd Prim X
B3 .appnd Omni Verse

Mastered at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.
Playable at all speeds.

Limited edition of 300 copies.

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.~ BATCH TOTEM - Funktion#5 [4" Lathe cut Flexi Disc 2010] [BIN 00-11]


Packed in brown 5.25 Floppy Disk cover.
Original 5.25 disk with gold ring is included.


A: Funktion #5
B: Funktion #5

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~ BATCH TOTEM: Funktion#4- [ 4" Lathe cut Flexi Disc 2010 ] [BIN 00-10]

Packed in cream coloured 5.25 Floppy Disk cover.


A: Funktion #4
B: Funktion #4

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~ Unknown Artist – Řrken [ Flexi-disc, 7 2010 ] [BIN 00-09]


A: Untitled
B: Untitled

33 1/3 RPM. 'Found object' - Each copy is unique. Limited Edition. Sold out.

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~ KAIN: Dadamerica - 7" [BIN 00-08] Reissue 2010| [BIN 00-08]


A: Dadamerica
B1: Dreambeat
B2: Into The Turmoil Of The Great Cultural Revolution

Produced and composed by Mogens Jacobsen & Peter H. Olesen 1984.
Originally released on Replik Muzick [REP 21] 1984. Reissue in a limited edition of 100 copies 2010.

» BIN Press Release.pdf
» KAIN Dadamerica Press Release 1984, SAM Distribution.jpg
» KAIN radio interviw 1984.mp3
» Technoens ABC 1991 Gaffa Magazine.pdf
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~ Hector Rottweiler: BLOK II [- CD-R 2009 ] [BIN 00-07]

Comes in a grey 5.25 floppy disc cover, with a yellow circular cardboard insert.
The CDr is black on one side, and has a 5.25 floppy disk glued to the other side.



Limited edition of 50 copies. Sold out.

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~ BATCH TOTEM: Funktion#3 [ 5" Lathecut Flexi Disc 2009 ] [BIN 00-06]

Comes in grey 5.25 Floppy Disk cover. Side A plays 45 RPM, side B plays 33 RPM.
Sold out.


A: Funktion #3
B: Funktion #3

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~ BATCH TOTEM: Funktion#2- 4" Lathe cut Flexi Disc [BIN 00-05] 2009 [BIN 00-05]

Comes in yellow 5.25 Floppy Disk cover.
Sold out.


A: Funktion #2
B: Funktion #2

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~ BATCH TOTEM: FUNKTION #1 [ 4" Lathecut 2008 ] BIN 00-04


A: Funktion #1
B: Funktion #1

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~ Wayne Siegel: Domino Figures [ One sided 12" Vinyl 2009 ] [BIN 00-03]

Domino Figures (1979) Work for 42 - 105 Guitarists. Reissue.

Domino Figures has been widely performed since it was composed in 1979, including a television production with 105 guitarists, made to celebrate the 5th aniverssary of Denmark's TV2 - a record-breaking performances that found its way into the Guiness book of records.

Essentially, this piece is a strict canon constructed around 97 different musical figures.
The performers sit in a semicircle, and each musical figure is passed around this semicircle in a kind of slow chain reaction similar to that of falling dominoes by means of a unique system of visual cues.
The guitarist on the audience's extreme left begins playing the first figure, signaling the player to his left by dipping the neck of his guitar slightly as he begins.

The second player then waits one beat after receiving this signal before beginning the same figure and signaling the player to his left.
In this way the musical figure is sent around the semicircle, each guitarist beginning one beat after the player to his immediate right.
Any given figure reaches the last guitarist about 36 seconds after the first guitarist has set the new figure moving around the semicircle,
and these new figures are combined with previous figures while they are in the process of replacing them.

A sonic effect not usually associated with the guitar is created by the large number of guitarists performing the same figure in different tempi. Massive, sustained, almost choral textures are produced, and these textures evolve and change slowly, creating a spatial effect as elements gradually move from one side of the semicircle to the other.

The extreme spatial effect created by the high number of guitarplayers, can be seen as an exploration of the same effect, created by
Alvin Lucier in his piece 'I am sitting in a room' Furthermore, the piece can be viewed as a vital experiment inacoustic filtering,
resulting in a blurring of the acustic instruments.


A: Domino Figures

Limited edition of 25 copies in picturedisc jacket. Sold out.

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~ Roberta Settels Isolation! [12" Vinyl LP 2007 ] [BIN 00-02]

Roberta Settels is an American composer and industrial designer, currently living in
Stockholm, Sweden. She studied composition at Juliard in New York, and during the
70-ties and 80-ties, composed electronic music in Stockholm at EMS, and in Paris
at IRCAM, and studied with the composeres Pierre Boulez and Iannis Xenakis
Later she created her own studio.

Isolation from 1985 is her only released recording. It was released on her private label
“Music in Crisis”.
Although ‘Isolation’ was composed in 1985, most parts of it sound very fresh and0
contemporary. Very unique for it’s time, the timbres and formal progression of the
work bare little resemblance to the electroacoustic maximalism of the period. Rather it
shares aesthetics with contemporary genres such as Lowercase and Microsound.

The music, all generated by pure analog means, contains elements of extreme
minimalism and splicing-techniques derived from the tape-music tradition. Even
though the work, making clever use of sine-waves and white noise, it is very minimal
in it’s expression, and very clearly communicates the emotional states of lonliness
and isolation which are it’s conceptual aim.

The work is divided into four parts: Landscape With 3 tape-recorders And… ,
Scenario, Isolation (Meinhof In Memoriam) and P1 – Information? , forming a
perceived whole.

This reissue comes in a limited edition of 250 copies with a custom-made plastic
sleeve, with theoriginal cover and cover-notes in Swedish, English, German and
French, written and designed by the composer.


A1: Landscape With 3 tape-recorders And… (12:03)
A2: Scenario (9:07)
B1: Isolation! (Meinhof in memoriam) (43:90)
B2: P1 – Information? (3:33)

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~ Ketil Teisen Tape Music 7" Vinyl 2007 [BIN 00-01]

'Tape Music' was originally released in 1994 in 10 copies, each with a painting by Martin Klapper.

The record features 9 short tracks, created by Ketil Teisen on sparse equipment, including a Roland Juno-6, mixed down on a 4-track taperecorder.
The music blends elements of musique concrčte, treated acustic instruments and electronic sounds, into simple but concentrated soundpaintings.
This reissue comes in a limited edition of 60 copies. Sold out.


A1: Offbeat Sounds
A2: Guitar-Organ
A3: Fight Discrimination
A4: String-Pop
B1: Organ-String
B2: Pap
B3: Organfred
B4: Khomos
B5: Doubleorgan

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