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Analouge graphic synthesis (to come..)
Digital graphic synthesis

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1: Illustration 1 {Linaer felt-scanning} RAW image.
2: Illustration 2 {median konstruktion} RAW image.
BATCH TOTEM | NRT-GSAP [BIN 00-13] Digital release 2009
Simple experiements with audio drawn + layered in Adobe Photoshop [8 BIT format, Greyscale].
Drawings converted from RAW-format to WAV.
Basic principles of RAW audio data generation in Adobe Photoshop: NRT-GSAP.pdf
Pictures below are the graphic representations of the audio - the pieces can be read like a score, with a timeline that runs from left-right, top to bottom.

Illustration 1 {Linaer felt-scanning}  MP3
Illustration 2 {median konstruktion} MP3 
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