Analouge optical synthesizer (prototype) completed june 2010.

The synthesizer 'converts' graphic images, printed on rotatiing discs,into sound
The machine currently has 12 mono outputs ( no real stereo signals is produced) and 4 motors with adjustable speed. Two motors are stationary, two are movable.
The lighting is provided by 3 LED lamps.

Pickup units are constructed with BWP34 standerd photodiodes, and are biased with 9 volts battery voltage. The pickup units are moveable as to provide gestural control combined with the moveable motors and lamps.

Until now, signal discs feutures only synthetic waveforms, and are designed using a varity of methods - most discs are constructed as vector shapes.
'Outboard' accessories not shown are laserlightning and a varity of optical lenses, serving as audio filters.

Sound examples and more information will follow.

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Examples of diffrent optical disc types:
I owe thanks to the following for inspration and practical help with this project: Henrik Winther Hansen, Henrik Esben Munch, and Derek Holzer.

For a short, but well trimmed, tour through the history of optical synthesis, see Derek Holzer's Toneweheels
Additional material about optical sound / synthesis is available here: